How to Make your Home more Marketable in order to Earn a Side Income

Homeowners that are looking for ways to make some side income with their residential property can do so in multiple ways. Whether that is leasing a spare bedroom, listing the property on Airbnb, or running a bed and breakfast place; homeowners can turn their home from a liability into an asset.

Regardless of how homeowners decide to make a side income, they must make their home marketable to attract others to use it.  While the home should be updated and well-kept, homeowners must also make the home up-to-date with smart technology features.  Having the latest housing accessories like digital sprinkler control systems, smart refrigerators, connected health tech, or ovens make a significant improvement to the quality of one stay.

A recent study shows that 79% of millennials mention how new smart home technology is something they value. The same study also shows that almost 95% of Gen Z appreciate the convenience of smart home technology. Given that millennials are young to mid-aged adults that are starting to have their own families (consisting of almost half of the world’s population), it is a key indicator that having updated smart technology in one’s home is a great way to be more marketable. 

Homeowners that are looking to make money from their property in some form or fashion should highly consider marketing their house as one that has smart home technology features.  Homes that have the latest smart home accessories will bring in more positive reviews from guests/tenants which will drive more people to stay at the homeowner’s residence.

Smart Devices and Homes of the Future