How to Make Valentine’s Day Memorable for Your Children

February 14th is a special day for lovers, but it doesn’t have to be about romance! Valentine’s Day is also a time to shower your kids with love and care. Here are some ideas on how you can make this Valentine’s Day memorable for your child:

1. Prepare a Fun-Filled Day With Your Child

Get your child in the mood for Valentine’s Day by decorating the room. Hang framed pictures of your child, his favorite things and places, his favorite sports figures, etc. You can also make a Valentine’s card for your child to give him an idea of what he will be doing on February 14th. This card can be given to him as a surprise before he wakes up. You can also leave surprise notes and gifts at places that you know your child will find it later on in the day by using 3D products like glasses or a decoder.

2. Take Your Child to the Grocery Store

Take your child to a grocery store on Valentine’s Day and let him pick out some of his favorite candies or even chocolates. One can never have too much candy! Let him know that he can choose one candy per person that he loves. This could mean he will choose one piece of candy for you, his brother, his sister, his grandparents, etc. If you wish to make the fun more exciting for your child, write each person’s name on a separate tissue and put it in a bag or box. Meanwhile, draw numbers and pick a number from the box to determine who your child gets to give a piece of candy to first.

3. Plan a Special Breakfast for Your Child

It’s always fun to eat in bed. Make an elaborate Valentine’s Day breakfast for your child and serve it to him in bed. These foods might include strawberries, bananas, grapes, orange pieces, and pieces of kiwi or other fruits of his choice. Be creative. You can also make homemade biscuits or pancakes, which he will devour in no time.

4. Take Your Child to a Restaurant on Valentine’s Day

If you are planning on eating out with all the family members, be sure you are wisely making reservations at the right restaurants. You don’t want the restaurant to be too crowded. If you are going to a fast-food place, make sure that the food you are eating is something that your child enjoys. If you have a good relationship with the restaurant staff, they might even give your child a free toy if he walks up to them and says, “Happy Valentine’s Day.”

5. Be in the Mood for Some Fun

Make baby talk, hold hands with your child, and tell him how much you love him. Go for a walk, take pictures at different locations, or hold hands while watching TV until bedtime.

6. Make a Song and Dance to Celebrate the Day

Everyone loves music. Go through your child’s favorite songs, make a funny (or not-so-funny) song for him, and get on a video recorder. Dance with your child to this special song, taking turns carrying him on your shoulders or pulling his legs in the air.

If you want to be a good parent, February 14th should be just as special for your child as it is for your special someone.