Saving Money At Home: Energy Efficient Windows

Did you know that investing in energy efficient windows can actually save you money on your monthly utility bill? Older, drafty windows can lead to more energy being used by external heating sources. By replacing these windows with new, high-quality ones, you can save nearly $500 per year!

High quality windows are better because UV rays are reflected and make buildings more thermally efficient. By eliminating the need for high energy heating units, homeowners can save money while also helping the environment. Using these windows can eliminate up to 1 ton of carbon in the atmosphere every year.

When replacing single pane windows in your home, you can save up to 6,205 pounds of CO2 per year. That’s equivalent to about 317 gallons of gas! What’s more, these energy efficient windows are viewed highly among prospective buyers and can even increase your home’s selling value by $14,000.

Next time you’re thinking about a new renovation for your home, consider replacing your windows. New windows can be better for the environment, increase your home value, and save you money on your monthly bills. To learn more about the benefits of energy efficient windows, take a look at the infographic below:

The Value of Windows