New Ways to Engage Virtual Participants

The new ways that employees interact, travel, and attend events in the post-COVID-19 environment may be facilitated via a digital engagement platform.  A growing number of professionals who frequently travel for business choose to stay at home or work, and they anticipate attending virtual events at the same rate or even higher than they did in the past.  Employees have experienced the monotony of standard video conferences on digital platforms like Zoom and Microsoft Teams as virtual events continue to increase in popularity.  To increase the productivity and engagement of each participant, businesses should seek hybrid events with unique experiences.   

By using unique images and layouts, one may set their event apart from generic ones and provide the “wow” factor.  Prior to choosing a virtual platform, create the event schedule.  Keep extra activities to a minimum to prevent distractions and retain involvement.  Consider creating a digital campus where people may attend events, exchange ideas, and network as an alternative to one-time interactions.  Offer breakout sessions and access to a library of on-demand sessions as well.  Or, make networking easier with polling, chat, and Q&A tools.  Even though physical events will continue to exist, businesses may reach a wider audience via hybrid events and virtual campuses.

The power of virtual events