A Guide to Bedsheets and Better Sleep

In 2021, people spent a total of $87 billion on new bedding. Sleep is important to our health, and having a comfortable place to rest makes sleep easier to achieve. Below is a guide to picking out new bedsheets.

First, determine if it’s time to buy new bedsheets. Are your sheets yellowing or tearing? Are seams splitting and fraying? Do they smell even after a wash? If any of these situations are yours, it’s time to buy new sheets. 

When picking out new sheets, decide on a fabric first. Cotton is a classic because it’s low-maintenance, durable, affordable, and comfortable. Other options like silk, linen, and polyester are also on the market.

If you choose cotton, you also need to choose what quality cotton you want. Thread count is not the only way to measure quality; anything above 250 should be suitably durable. Instead, consider factors like staple length, or the length of fibers used to weave the fabrics. Longer staples are softer and last longer. 

Beyond fabric quality, you should also think about sheet color. White sheets are the easiest to clean. Darker colors can hide discoloration or stains. Neutral colors are the easiest on the eyes, promoting sleep.

Guide to Sheets: The Ultimate Guide to Bedding
Source: PizunaLinens.com