Hospitals and Supply Carrying Systems

The pneumatic tube system, created in the early 19th century, is currently an essential part of medical care.  As pandemic constraints on hospital systems are prevalent, modern technology makes them faster and more dependable than before.

Testing for other respiratory conditions, STIs, and infections connected with healthcare at hospitals was delayed at its height due to the high demand for COVID-19 testing.  Ninety-nine percent of US hospitals and health systems in 2021 reported having trouble obtaining supplies, including pipettes, sterile water, and reagents—all essentials for conducting lab work.  Nearly 80% of doctors stated that patients without COVID-19 also faced prescription shortages.

Within the confines of a medical institution, pneumatic tube systems transport a carrier using compressed air like a subway system.  Thus, tube systems may prioritize delivery, distribute medications fast, convey tests and samples, and lessen the need for human messengers.  Pneumatic tube systems help with proper drug administration while raising the standard of care.

Medical Facilities Need Operational Technology More Than Ever
Source: Swisslog Healthcare