Web3 and Web Sovereignty 

The web is known for being one of the fastest growing products in human history. Starting from its 1.0 read-only data roots, to its hierarchical big business 2.0 present, to its future of a decentralized 3.0 future. Nothing compares to the speed and world changing power that the web has held since its conception.

Sovereignty is what defines Web3 and its future. More developers are working than ever to decentralize applications and finance, create open source code, and build a market for the virtual economy to exist within. The cryptocurrency economy has its ups and downs, but with a predicted value of over $13 trillion in 2030, its influence cannot be denied.

Web3 means sovereignty of the web, and it also means sovereignty of the worker. Independent work as data scientists, technologists, developers, there are few career pushes that have produced as many sovereign workers as Web3. This means more independence, more freedom, less community, but also less benefits, and less job guarantees.

In response companies like Opolis have risen as producers of benefits and payroll in the Web3 economy. Web3 is built on taking power from executives and giving it to independent workers, but for those that desire more typical pay and benefits, there are options. This is Web3 and the future it is producing. A world where the internet only continues to grow, but a world where that means more freedom, more unity, and more organic growth. 

Web 3, Sovereignty, and the Future of Work
Source: Opolis.co