7 Warning Signs That a Potential House is NOT Right for You

When looking for a house, you’ll find many features that entice you to buy. But, you will also come across houses that incur unforeseen repairs costs, old electrical systems, and the like. You should not ignore the following seven signs when searching for a new house. It’s best to work with a realtor who can help you spot these major warning signs.

1. No Inspection

A major warning sign that a prospective house is not suitable for you is when the owner refuses an inspection. Be it not allowing you to hire an inspector or trying to convince you that an inspection is unnecessary. Never sign a sale agreement without prior inspection of the house, as you may later realize that the seller lied about the actual structural status of the house.

2. Flood Zone

Floods don’t only occur in homesteads near rivers and beaches. Climate change and the unpredictability of rain have increased flood zones. Purchasing a home in a flood zone may mean increased insurance costs and difficulty selling your home in the future.

3. Neighborhood Sale

When viewing a prospective house, check the neighborhood to see if other homes are for sale. If you see numerous for-sale signs, ask why people want to get out of the neighborhood. You may discover that the neighborhood is set for large construction, has economically or socially deteriorated, or the value of homes is about to fall drastically.

4. Worn-out Plumbing

When touring a potential house, turn on and off all faucets in each room and flush the toilets. This is meant to test the home’s plumbing system. Watch out for water pressure strength and the water’s color (no rust or discoloration coming out of faucets), and ensure that the toilet does not leak at the bottom. Get a qualified plumber to inspect the plumbing if you discover water leaks or damage. If some plumbing repairs are needed, evaluate how the cost will fit into your home buying budget.

5. Cracks on Dry Wall

The house foundation is among the essential parts of a home. Signs that the foundation wants include doors getting stuck, cracks in the drywall, gaps around doors and windows, and flooding in the basement. A bad foundation is expensive to repair and an expensive fix. There is no need to risk your investment if the house foundation is damaged.

6. Leaking Roof

Do not be caught up in the home’s exterior aesthetic and forget about the roof. Warning signs that a house requires a new roof include curled shingle edges, missing tiling, shattered or cracked shingles, and debris in the gutters. If you doubt the roof’s condition, have an expert inspect it and if they confirm damage, consider the total repair or replacement costs and see if they are worth the investment.

7. Unusual Smell

Use your sense of smell when house hunting. Be attentive to what you smell, as it can save you lots of grief later. Do you smell smokiness, mustiness, or sewage? These are signs the home you’re viewing has been staged to appear nicer. Smells indicate pests, damaged carpet/walls from smoke, mold, and bad sewage piping.