Combining Remote Work with Personal Interactions

The past few years have been filled with things that have seriously increased our stress levels with a seemingly unrelenting storm of unprecedented global mayhem. Perhaps the world has experienced the same kinds of issues with which we have recently been faced, such as pandemics, wars, and massive inflation, however, the addition of the level of technology in our daily lives is something that humanity has never known before. 

Prior to the COVID pandemic, employees were itching to transition to remote work, and that trend was slowly growing. Then the quarantines began and we were suddenly forced to work from home, regardless of the fact that many companies and employees had little to no time to make preparations for the transition. 

Two plus years into the “new normal”, the majority of the US workforce is happy with the change and we don’t want to go back to the office. However, the psychological toll of being relatively isolated, of constantly seeing our faces on a screen for meetings, and of not being able to experience the natural nonverbal cues of our coworkers is high and rising. 

As remote work is here to stay in our ever stressful world, it’s absolutely vital that companies make every effort to appeal to the humanity of their employees by offering more human to human connections. Investing in a digital office can allow for a more natural flow of interactions, all while maintaining the work-from-home model.

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