Local Organizations Can Help Support Victims Of Domestic Violence

Unfortunately, 243 million women and girls experience intimate partner violence each year. During the pandemic, calls to domestic violence helplines increased 5x in some areas! Oftentimes victims of domestic abuse or domestic violence do not report incidents due to not knowing where to turn for help, but there are numerous local resources that are available.

There are many support groups located around the country that help victims of domestic abuse discuss their trauma and develop healthy coping skills and strategies to help their situation. While these groups are a great resource for victims, many are too scared to attend a group or don’t know where the closest one is located. The national domestic violence hotline is a great way to find the closest organizations to victims, and anyone can call this line or visit their website at any time.

If you know that someone is being abused, you can help them find resources to assist in leaving their situation! You can also help raise awareness about domestic violence and resources that are available in your community, or make donations to local shelters and organizations that help victims and survivors of domestic abuse. Finding resources doesn’t have to be difficult, learn more about the process of finding the closest organizations to you in the infographic below:

Domestic Violence: How You Can Help