7 Signs That a Wire Fence Needs to be Repaired or Replaced

A wire fence is one of the most affordable yet durable security options available to protect residential as well as commercial buildings. Although regular maintenance helps keep your fence functional for a really long time, there comes a time when replacing your wire fence is inevitable. If you notice any of the following signs, reach out to an expert to examine your fence and determine whether repairs are necessary or if you need to install a new fence.

1. Broken Boards

Damage on the boards is the first indication that you need repairs. Therefore, whenever you notice any cracks or dents on your boards made of wood, reach out to a professional to inspect your fence and replace the damaged boards. At times the damage could be due to old age, while other times, insects and pests are to blame. On the other hand, although it can be pretty rare, cracks and holes on vinyl and composite material are a result of extreme temperatures or an accident.

2. Fence Appears to Be Leaning

Contrary to what a majority of people think, wooden fences aren’t the only ones prone to leaning. At times, leaning can occur due to damage, while at other times, old age is to blame. In some cases, damage on your boards or a weak foundation might cause your fence to lean. Reach out to an expert to diagnose the issue and advise you whether repairs will do or if you need to start saving to replace the fence altogether.

3. Contact With the Ground

A well installed fence will always leave a gap between the ground and the bottom section. Therefore, if you notice that the bottom section is in contact with the soil, or the gap appears small in some areas than others, it could be an indication that your fence is unstable.

4. Missing Boards

If any boards are missing from your fence, it’s a clear sign you need to call an expert to replace them and inspect your fence for any other possibly loose boards. Remember, if several boards are missing, you’re exposing your property and family to danger. If a majority of them are missing and the remaining boards appear weak, the expert might recommend replacing the entire fence.

5. Color is Different Than the Original

Although your fence discoloration is quite normal, sometimes it signifies bigger issues. Whether it’s due to water damage, rust, or algae growth, you might be dealing with a security and privacy question. Therefore, reach out to a professional to inspect your fence and ensure it’s in the right state. If the damage is widespread, they might advise you to start saving for new fence installation.

6. Noisy, Broken or Loose Hinges

Without proper maintenance, the hinges start making some noise. And if they are attached to a moving part of your fence, without regular greasing, they can easily break. If that’s the case with the hinges on your fence, reach out to a professional to replace the broken ones, tighten the loose ones and inspect the entire fence for any problems which haven’t manifested yet.

7. Old Fence

At times the only clue you need that you need to replace your wire fence is if your fence is old. As your fence becomes older, it becomes weak and hence less secure. And what’s worse, demand for repairs becomes frequent, leading to more costs. If you notice that the repair expert frequents your home to repair your fence, it’s probably time to start saving for a new one.

Just like the old saying goes, prevention is better than cure. The best way to reduce the demand for wire fence repairs and replacements is through regular professional maintenance.