The Bold Future of Energy Drinks

The energy drink business is growing exponentially. Financial analysts are currently projecting an industry value of $255 billion (USD) in the next four years as these invigorating drinks create a well of wealth.

The pandemic shutdowns wounded the energy drink industry, making its rise from the ashes all the more astounding. In national polls, consumers consistently ranked energy beverages, alongside enhanced and flavored waters, as their least opted beverage of choice. With over 34 billion gallons of packaged drinks consumed in 2020, U.S. consumers favor water, whose sales accounted for 24% of the total beverage market share that year.

The energy drink industry is on an upward trajectory of success, and emerging reformulations are where to ensure its rise.  Plant-based ingredients, like maca and guarana among others, are being harnessed to give natural boosts in place of caffeine. Nootropic ingredients are finding their place in energy drinks as well, providing support for cognition and attentiveness alongside overall stimulation. Lastly, technological evolution is allowing more brands to opt for sugar reduction, with technologies reducing sugar content by as much as 80% while still maintaining sweetness.

Enhance your attentiveness, stamina, and performance with energy drinks, and let them power you.