Winter Maintenance Checklist for Businesses

Businesses should always stay prepared for winter. While winter can bring some fun festivities, it also brings along winter weather and the threat of snow and ice on the roads. This means it is important to be prepared for winter weather as a business so you aren’t caught off guard when winter hits your area again. Here is a winter maintenance checklist businesses should keep in mind with these preparations:

Check Doors and Windows for Weatherproofing

Check overhead doors and windows as winter approaches to ensure they are weather-resistant. If possible, replace any peeling or damaged seals so water cannot seep through the cracks. This can be a great time for businesses because winter is an appropriate time to handle maintenance tasks such as those that need to be performed on their overhead doors and windows. The winter season gives businesses a chance to identify and address any problems before winter actually hits and prevents them from falling behind during the winter months when their business is usually slow.

Take Care of Exterior Lighting

The winter months may cause some issues with exterior lighting around your building due to shorter days and low light levels. No one wants their customers having trouble navigating outside your business’s entrance and businesses should consider winterizing exterior lighting if they haven’t already. Turn off any lights that could be taken down by winter weather or those who may not be needed as much during the winter months, such as those outside your business’s sign. Additionally, it is important to check and replace light bulbs inside and outside of your business as winter approaches because these might need to be replaced more often during winter due to the low levels of natural light in winter.

Make Necessary Repairs

Winter weather can do some serious damage, which means it may be necessary to repair any damages caused by winter before it actually arrives! These winter repairs can range from fixing pipes that may have been damaged by winter cold snaps to repairing any damages caused by winter weather. It is crucial for businesses to identify and begin repairs as winter approaches so they can handle anything that comes their way when winter arrives.

Take Care of Your Lawn

During winter, it is a good idea for businesses without a commercial lawn service to pay extra attention to their lawns during winter months. This means keeping an eye out for possible snowstorms that may damage or destroy any grass in your business’s yard. In addition, it might be helpful to check the grass regularly throughout the winter as temperatures rise and fall as freezing and thawing can cause damage as well. Taking care of your small yard yourself will help ensure it stays healthy throughout winter and won’t require additional winter maintenance when winter actually arrives.

Prepare the Terrain Around Your Building

If your business has a parking lot, it is important to prepare it for winter weather. You should remove any obstacles that may block plows in the winter and apply de-icing salt to surfaces throughout winter months in order to help prevent winter weather damage. If you plan on applying snow or ice melt products around your building, be sure to follow all safety precautions on the product’s label so surfaces are not damaged from overuse of these products. Businesses can also prepare their entrances by having walkways shoveled and salted appropriately so they are safe to use after winter storms pass through. Make sure any garbage bins have adequate space built into them if you plan on using winter covers so they don’t get damaged by winter weather and debris.

In conclusion, winter is a great time for businesses to take care of winter maintenance and winterization tasks that need to be performed so winter weather can’t damage them as winter actually arrives.