Let’s Drink (Organically) to a Healthy New Year!

It’s 2022! Here we are again at our annual fresh start, but also our third year in the midst of the global pandemic. To say that the past two years have changed us is a gross understatement, but it’s not all doom and gloom. 

As with anything that causes us to take a sharp turn away from the norm, the pandemic has brought with its challenges a fresh perspective on the things that are really important to us as human beings. One of the things that we’ve become more focused on is taking care of our health. 

Incorporated into this health focus has been a shift in the beverage choices we’re making. From the long and increasing trend of ditching sodas, to drinking organic and sustainable products whenever possible, to our new embrace of teas and alternative coffees, and even the replacement of alcoholic beverages with “mocktails”; the beverage industry has seen a major shift. 

Of course, as we keep dealing with more variants of COVID, now more than ever, it’s important to keep our bodies in the best shape possible, and fortunately the beverage industry is keeping up with the demands for healthy options. So, let’s raise our mocktails and toast to our healthiest year yet! 

The Rise of the Mocktail