The Eyeglass Market: Through a New Lens

The eyeglass market is booming– and trends suggest that this trend is not slowing down. In 2021 the eyewear market was worth $115 billion dollars and is estimated to reach $172 billion in 2028. The 126 million Americans who wear eyeglasses contribute to this market with an average $546 per person per year between the cost of new frames, new lenses, and the cost of an eye exam. Is this steep bill necessary, though?

Lens Factory offers a solution to this number with replacement lenses for eyeglass frames. Replacement lenses allow customers to keep their favorite frames and keep the cost of buying a brand new pair of glasses down. In the past, customers would purchase new glasses every three years, but now glasses are being replaced multiple times a year. Because of this, LensCrafters replacement lenses aren’t just offered in single-vision but come in a variety of lenses to cater to customers’ specific corrective needs. 

Ordering replacement lenses from Lens Factory is made very simple through their website. Just select the type of lens, the material, and a lens coating before mailing your frames in. New lenses are placed in the old frames and mailed back, no hassle! Is this the solution to the steep price tags associated with replacing eyewear, and are you willing to make the change?

Looking Up. The Future of Eyewear Is Shining Bright