Backyard Style Forecast for 2022

2022 is around the corner, and before we know it, it will be time for hanging out outside again. The cold will be keeping us inside for a few months, and when the warmth comes back, we want to be prepared.

If your backyard is an ongoing project like many of us, add these to your list of priorities to get done for 2022 summer parties.

1.  Vinyl fence– Finally, someone has figured out how to keep vinyl from slowly deteriorating over time and get rid of stains.  A new vinyl fence will cost more than your typical plastic one, but it will last for 20+ years.

Vinyl fences are so  easy to clean and will never get out of style.  They look more finished than a typical fence, and they are simple to install.

2.  Nice deck- A sealed wood deck with a stamped concrete patio on top of that is still the best bet if you want flexibility and beauty.  I’m definitely not saying that I won’t see any more wooden decks in the future, but I do think the stamped concrete patio will make a comeback.

While not everyone has money for a backyard pool, don’t forget about the rest of your yard. Having an inviting outdoor space will be key in 2022. If you already have one, spruce it up by updating the furniture or even adding planters to the sides..

3.  Grilling- The grill is a backyard staple, and it isn’t going anywhere. 2022 being an election year, we will even see politicians using them as a backdrop for campaigning as they cook up some burgers or brats. It is already known that grills are harmful to the environment, so be sure to start recycling when you buy a new one.

Grilling is still the best way to go when you want a quick and easy meal after work.  I won’t be surprised if in 2022 there are more people who have switched from their grills to pellet grills, but I’m going to stick with my propane grill.

4.  Games- Who doesn’t want a game room in their backyard?   This will definitely be one of the best uses for any extra land you might have.  Even though I was wrong about tennis courts and bowling alleys, I still see this as a great use of space.

Just like with grilling, backyard games are not going anywhere. If people want to play, it will be easy to find an open lawn and set up some outdoor versions of game night favorites like washers or cornhole. Keep your yard safe by applying for proper permitting if you plan to build any structures.

5.  Grass- Grass will always be cool, but it won’t always be common.  Natural grass is pretty difficult to maintain and the weather conditions (i.e. heat) will make it difficult to always have a green lawn.  In 2022 many people will probably be looking for options such as artificial grass and putting greens.

The big lawn might not be what everyone wants in 2022, but since we all want a place to sit down and relax without hurting our backs or getting dirty, grass will stay around for years to come.