6 Ways to Make Your Home More Livable for Someone with Allergies

Think about this for a minute. You live in an environment where there are many allergens, and you can’t control what is causing them. Whether it be pets, dust mites, pollen, or mold spores, these little irritants can make your life miserable without warning. With that said, here are six ways to make your home more livable for someone with allergies.

1) Start With The Air And Temperature

Make sure your air is always fresh by changing or washing filters regularly. This will also help you save on energy costs! You should also be able to control your home’s temperature, not only for comfort reasons but also because hot and cold temperatures can affect how allergens are distributed throughout a space. Keep in mind that allergens are more likely to congregate in cooler areas, so you should be able to raise the temperature without worrying about dust mites.

2) Do Not Use Carpeting

Carpet is one of the biggest culprits when it comes to allergens. If you have carpet, replace it with tile or wood flooring. You should also try to keep your windows closed during peak pollen seasons and take out the trash regularly. This will help reduce exposure to outdoor allergy triggers. In addition, you might want to consider keeping pets out of the home.

3) Clean Your Home Regularly

The best way to help reduce allergens in the house is through regular cleaning. When you keep up with it, this will not only make your home look and smell better but can also be a preventative measure for allergies! Vacuuming once or twice per week should do the trick, and always use a vacuum that is equipped with a HEPA filter. You can also try dusting furniture, curtains, and blinds every week or so to keep allergens at bay.

4) Use An Air Purifier

If you are having trouble with allergens in your home, an air purifier might be the answer. This device will filter out all of those nasty particles for good! It is also worth mentioning that these devices can help reduce odors and improve indoor air quality. While they help keep the space free of allergens, you should still stay on top of cleaning.

5) Air Ducts Should Be Cleaned Professionally

Air ducts can collect a lot of material and dust, which can cause your allergies to flare up. If you feel like this is something you want to avoid, consider having your air ducts professionally cleaned at least once per year. 

6) Wash Your Bedding Frequently

No one wants to sleep in a dirty bed. In addition, you don’t want any allergens coming along for the ride when it comes time to lay down at night! Keep allergy symptoms under control by changing and washing sheets once or twice per week. If allergies are severe, consider purchasing an allergen barrier mattress cover to keep dust mites and other allergens at bay.

Allergies are no fun for anyone, but there is something that can be done about it! If you make your home more livable with these tips, then allergies will not stand a chance. With any luck, the symptoms won’t come back, and your family member will be able to enjoy the comforts of home without any problems.