Important Things New Entrepreneurs Don’t Think About

The list of things an entrepreneur needs to be, never ceases to grow. You have to be everything, wearing all hats, at all times. No one said changing the world would be easy! But there are a few key things you need to do and be, when you want to create an amazing brand from the ground up. Some of these you may have already heard, but we’re going to give you a new spin on the various attributes that make the best entrepreneurs succeed while others fall.

1. Be a Problem Solver

De facto, your whole professional existence is to be a problem solver. You are in business to fix an issue that society is facing. You are exploiting a gap in the market and fixing to change the world. But this isn’t just on a high level, you also need to problem solve at ground level. This could be working with your product designers, solving disputes between employees, and managing your finances to get maximum value for money. 

2. Delegate Your Weaknesses to Other Teams (like IT)

Don’t be like the business bosses of old, who can’t admit they have a flaw. Part of being a new, modern, world-beating entrepreneur is to know when you are beat. Delegate areas of your business that you know you are no good at. This could be the management of your finances, to a CFO and or outsourced accounting service, or it could be, something like presenting your ideas in front of an audience. If you aren’t a good public speaker, let someone on your team showcase your products at events and don’t hold onto your ego to prevent this from happening. 

3. Surround Yourself with the Right Team

Never surround yourself with yes men or women. If you know that you don’t have a good IT system in place, delegate your IT needs to a professional. They will offer you an educated opinion on what areas of your IT infrastructure you need to invest in the most. This could be your firewalls, data encryption, password policy and or cloud storage. 

4. No Sales = No Business

Work on your sales. This is what entrepreneurs love to do, explain what their product is about to clients and customers. So you need to make sure you are focussed on getting your product out there. Work with distributors, wholesale ecommerce giants like Amazon, and find clients willing to buy in foreign markets. 

5. Work Quickly and Efficiently, Always be Leveling Up Your Game

You are always focussed on improving yourself. Whether this be listening to your team better, taking advice, making quicker decisions or just working on your overall brand, you need to work fast and efficiently. This takes practice and practice takes time, so always be willing to introspectively improve. 

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