The Modern Market of Commercial Real Estate Lending

It seems as though as time goes on, tear after year, yet another industry is ripe For disruption. Apparently, the time has come for real estate.  Not in the hospitality space such as Airbnb, but now is the time to focus on the commercial real estate market, particularly in commercial lending.  

Why is now the right time? It is the perfect storm of the technology largely behind along with the rapid agility needed to pair down real estate deal criteria.  The global pandemic at the start had many employees working remotely, and now even as some regions are returning to the office in a move to relative normalcy, some employers are allowing their employees to work remotely as a permanent option. All of this, coupled with the reshuffle of how commercial real estate is allocated makes this a unique time in history for disruption. 

The dealmakers of the future of commercial real estate lending have arrived in a more sophisticated online technology platform. Join the movement and enter the new era of agility and disruption.  
Learn more about how technology is finally starting to disrupt the way that modern commercial real estate lending is happening in the visual deep dive below:

modernizing commercial real estate lending