How Using Bulk SMS Broadcasting Could Save Your Business

If you are in business, then you will know precisely how hard it can be to attract new customers in a cost-effective manner, especially if you own a shop and rely on feet through the door. There are fewer people shopping on the high streets these days than ever before and that’s without things like lockdowns and restrictions being in place. Even things like digital marketing that, was, at one point reasonably straightforward, are becoming more and more complicated and, more expensive as a result.

Back to the old school

There is a saying that goes something like, ‘why try to reinvent the wheel?’ Well, sometimes changing the way we do things has a positive effect, much like the online marketing tools that each and every one of us are exposed to on a daily basis. Has it gone too far though? The answer to that question can be found within statistics generated on the back of bulk SMS broadcasting.

The unbelievable hit rate of success

When you are outbound marketing using SMS broadcast in Australia, it’s all about hit rate, the number of people who respond and, the number of people that are converted into customers. If that is the driving force, then you’d probably be shocked to know that over 80% of millennials will read an SMS within 90 seconds of receiving it! Now, bearing in mind that there are around 5 billion mobile phone users in the world, that’s a pretty good source for your hit rate. 

Some studies suggest that over 40 per cent of people who receive a marketing SMS actually respond to it, and make contact with the sender, that’s your response rate target smashed. Agreed, it does sound a little ambitious and, much higher than the industry standard of around 10% for all outbound marketing methods combined. However, if it is correct, then why would you do anything else?  

Keeping it simple

Things are far too complicated these days when looking for an SEO agency. Essentially, people will want to know, what are you selling? How can it benefit them? What’s the cost and, how can they contact you? By going back to the old school and maximising the power of SMS you can have one of the simplest, most cost-effective ways of promoting to people, in a way that, they welcome.

Consistency and timing are crucial

Apparently, when you are outbound marketing, some people will buy straight away, others take a few more nudges because their mind was already halfway there and then others may take up to 7 ‘taps’ before they bite the seed that was planted upon the first contact. There are also people who will never buy no matter how many promotions you send them, that’s life. 

The important thing is that your SMS campaign should be consistent so that people don’t forget who you are or, what you are promoting. You might need to speak to a specialist because equally the last thing anyone wants is to be reminded too often. It is a fine art and, something that can put people off even if they were interested, to begin with.