How to Negotiate with Your Neighbor About Getting a New Fence

If you think it may be time to get your backyard fence replaced, it’s essential to discuss this with your neighbor first. The new fence will have an impact on the look and function of their yard as well and you might even want to split the costs. For this reason, it’s a good idea to start negotiations ahead of time, to avoid unnecessary disputes. 

It’s also important to bear in mind the difference in tastes. Whether you’re after vinyl fencing, cedarwood, or other materials, your neighbor might have different ideas. Here are a few tips on how to negotiate with your neighbor about getting a new fence.

Make Plans in Advance

The earlier you begin negotiations, the better. This is especially important if you are planning on splitting the costs of your new fence with the neighbors. Both parties may need time to save up the money, so it’s important to prepare for this. 

Your neighbor might have a vacation booked, have recently bought an expensive item, or may simply need to put away a few extra pennies before buying a fence. Be patient and make plans together in advance to avoid putting pressure on each other’s finances.

Bear in Mind Their Priorities

You also may need to bear in mind their priorities. Whereas you might think a new fence is urgent, they may not see it that way. Perhaps you spend more time in your yard or have children or pets that could be affected by a broken fence. If they have different priorities they might not be as keen to spend money on a new fence right away.

Consider a Difference in Taste

It’s quite possible that you’ll have different opinions on the type of fence to get. Your neighbors might want a cheaper yet functional material such as chain link, whereas you may prefer something a little more stylish like cedar wood or vinyl fencing. It essentially all comes down to taste and preferences, so bear this in mind.

Sign a Written Agreement

Ensure you agree on a budget ahead of time. You might decide to pay a little more for the fence if you prefer a more expensive material, or vice versa. Figure out a price that seems fair for both parties. You can then stick to this as you shop around for fences. It’s also a very good idea to put this into a written agreement. Disputes will be less likely if you have signed paperwork to back you up. You can make this as detailed as possible to ensure both of you are on board.