Why Jobs Need to Background Check You Before You Start

Background checks may seem like a burden to some but they can be quite beneficial to companies and their employees. There is a lot of value in running background checks from services such as eknowid.com. In order to ensure that the preferred candidate is the person that the company is led to believe they are, background checks are conducted. For companies, the cost may give them pause but there shouldn’t be any hesitation. Running a background check could save you from a lot of headaches down the line. Let’s take a look at what some of the benefits of a background check are.

Negligent Hiring Risks Are Reduced

Negligent hiring claims are a concern for many businesses. This is a claim that is filed when an employer is injured by an employee who is unfit for the job. Typically in these cases, negligent hiring is done when a company knew that someone had a history of similar incidents in the past. A company that does not perform a background check could be liable for the damage done to the victim. Background checks reduce these risks as you can see a potential employee’s criminal record and ultimately rescind the offer.

Safety Of Employees

The safety of employees is crucial for a successful business. One way to help better a company’s chances of avoiding violent incidents is by performing background checks. These checks have improved safety in the workplace and have also reduced employee theft. It was recently reported that 30 percent of business failures are tied to employee theft. As mentioned, background checks allow employers to see whether or not an individual has a history of criminal activity. Thanks to these checks, a lot of potentially dangerous situations have been avoided in the workplace.

The Right Info From The Right Person

Employers may look at a potential candidate and think they have hit a home run. The qualifications are there, the work history and experience are on point, and the education is impressive. The problem is, you don’t know if that person is telling the truth. With background checks, you can verify employment and education credentials. This way, you aren’t scratching your head wondering why the candidate you hired hasn’t been performing to the level that you expected. An employer never wants to be duped by an embellished resume but it’s easier now than ever before to weed out the fakes.

Turnover Decrease

With a background check being able to verify a person’s work history, you can see just how long the candidate lasted with other companies. If you see that the potential employee likes to bounce around, you may want to avoid that person or ask about it to get a better understanding of what happened with those situations. Turnover rates can be high for certain companies. It very well could be money down the drain if you hire someone who is going to leave you in a matter of weeks.

The benefits of a background check are too great to ignore. With these checks, you will be able to avoid incidents that could leave you liable for damages.