Back to the Office: Tools and Resources Post COVID-19

Many businesses have felt the effects of COVID-19, but now that we are moving past the pandemic and business are starting back up, you want to ensure that your business gets back to maximum efficiency as quickly as possible. 

Here we will be looking at the best resources and tools available to help your business get back to business as usual. 

Managed IT Services

Prior to COVID-19, cyber attacks were on the rise and companies ran the risk of being targeted by cybercriminals. With cyber criminals being able to assault one or multiple computers or networks, businesses now more than ever are at risk as these attacks have dramatically increased during this pandemic. 

By working with managed IT services in Houston you will be able to have the backing of a trusted provider against cyber attacks such as malware, phishing, ransomware and other methods, whilst also working with you to optimize your business processes so you can be more productive and benefit from greater efficiency. 

Visitor Management System

You may have previously used a visitor book to manage guests arrival and departure, but now you may want to change things up. By using a touch screen visitor management system, you can increase your visitor’s experience. 

This not only is more user friendly to your guest, but will also allow you and your team the ability to monitor a live view of who is on-site.


Offices include dozens of surface areas that contain germs. By introducing sensors to open doors, turn lights on and off, control taps and soap dispensers, you are protecting yourself and your staff from direct contact with potential illnesses. 

With many people working from home or having limited exposure, returning back to the office may seem daunting, by having measures such as this in place you are able to reduce unnecessary contact with surfaces and ease any concerns that they may have.

Invest In Technology

Although life and work are reverting back to pre-pandemic normalcy, things are inevitably going to be different. A key change is with the use of technology to facilitate and support businesses.

Whether you are going to work from home or carry out more meetings electronically, you want to make sure the technology you have can support your internet speeds to ensure all web chats and calls happen glitch-free.

Set Up Screens

Regardless of your sector, you will want to invest and set up protective screens. Not only is this advisable but it will increase the safety of your employees and clients. 

With them being made of transparent sheets they still allow the face-to-face atmosphere that has been missed whilst providing a protective barrier within the office to stop COVID-19 germs from being spread and allowing offices to reopen with confidence.