How To Make Zoom Meetings More Enjoyable

When a Zoom call keeps glitching and losing connection, it can feel like the most frustrating thing to happen in your workday. Not only do virtual meetings reduce real human interaction and reduce the natural flow of conversation, but lagging network connection can interfere with and reduce your productivity.

Most people have dealt with a lagging network connection. The call can easily be disrupted by a dip in connection, which can easily be prevented with managed IT support. For instance, for those teachers having to educate their students through Zoom calls and often have a slow connection that results in a disengaged class, you can utilize IT services for education to optimize your calls and teaching hours.

For those bored of Zoom calls or fed up with the poor connection, here is how to make Zoom meetings more enjoyable. 

Dress for it

When you have a day of meetings, it is common to dress for the occasion. This can help people feel ready for the day and more engaged with the meeting. Thus, why not practice this and dress for the meeting at home? Although the other people on the call will most likely not see your bottom half, you can dress the top half and make yourself more presentable. 

Talk about other things too

Although Zoom meetings are often for a purpose and involve teaching or work, they can help to talk about other things too. It is common to go off topic during in-person meetings, so you can take this through in your virtual calls. It can help to start the meeting/conversation by talking about a common interest. You could talk about your favorite book, TV show, or cuisine. From there, the conversation will most likely flow easier and help people stay more engaged.

Email instead

If you have a Zoom meeting scheduled for a short conversation, you could save your time and email about it instead. You can make the conversation quick and easier (and avoid the network lag) by asking the question over email. 

Get everyone talking

It’s often common for one person to take control of the conversation. But, you could spice things up and rotate the hot seat by asking others to present their ideas. This will keep everyone alert and on top of the conversation in the Zoom meeting.

Use interactive features

Along the lines of keeping people engaged, it can help by integrating interactive features. You can use interactive whiteboards which people can draw/write on during the meeting. This allows people to jot down ideas and get involved in the conversation whilst people are presenting.

Practice your on-camera speaking skills

You may worry that you are a boring speaker. The likelihood of that is slim but to feel more comfortable public speaking you can practice your on-camera speaking skills. You could practice this by recording yourself or speaking in front of your friends.

Instead of your Zoom meetings feeling dull or disengaging, utilize these tips to make your virtual meetings more enjoyable.