Health Dangers Caused By Asbestos Exposure and the Industries Most Likely to Be Affected By Them

While asbestos exposure has mostly been mitigated and decreased to very low levels in recent years, not everybody has been protected. There are still many industries that are at a high risk of exposure, each of which may have people who end up developing this problematic condition. As a result, it is critical to know who is at the highest risk and what can be done if illness does develop.

Who is At the Highest Risk of Exposure?

Tragically, the use of asbestos is still not controlled enough to prevent it from causing real health dangers. Though safe when it is not airborne, the mere existence of this product is enough to raise the risk of someone getting sick. And the many industries that still use some products that have asbestos is vast and may shock you – it certainly shocked us when we started our research.

For example, many manufacturing fields use asbestos even to this day, despite its well-known dangers at this point. You can expect to see some asbestos in the abrasives manufacturing industry, as well as many oil refineries. Obviously, even though risks are decreased, you may also get exposed to an asbestos manufacturing facility, as many of these groups are still around to serve overseas needs.

Many construction firms are also at high-risk, as cement, installation, and many joint compounds have a high concentration of asbestos in them. Many of these products are typically limited or may not be available in some parts of the country. Sadly, there are still many more areas that are impacted. You can also expect most maritime career paths to be heavily at risk of severe long-term asbestos exposure risks.

Why is Exposure Still a Problem?

Asbestos exposure is still such a danger because it can cause so many health problems, including many types of lung cancers, lung scarring, and even cancers in the throat and chest. These health issues are often very severe because the asbestos typically stays in your lungs and causes problems that may worsen over a 20-60 year period. As a result, you may even develop symptoms decades after exposure.

And if you do end up developing mesothelioma or other types of cancers, you need to take a few steps right away. Doing so will help to protect you and keep you safe from various health dangers. Just a few steps to take if you believe that you have mesothelioma or have been diagnosed with it include:

  • Regular medical checkups and treatments to decrease your risk
  • Various types of pain-management steps
  • Preparation of your end-of-life needs
  • Legal protection to help you and your family

These last two steps are tragic to consider but must be done if you have developed this cancer. Talking to a mesothelioma attorney will help by making your rights clearer and easier to understand. It also helps to make sure that you get the compensation that you greatly deserve for your suffering.