Best Ways to Celebrate Valentine’s Day

The season of love is right here at the corner. It’s undebatable that spending time together is the ultimate Valentine’s Day gift. 

For some, they will go the full length to profess their love toward their significant other with a grand gesture. Others prefer low-key events because it’s the little things that count. 

Regardless of what you suits your style for Valentine’s Day, there are a few facts that you might find interesting:  

  • Valentine’s Day derives its name from its patron, St. Valentine,
  • At the end of the 5th century, Roman Pope Gelasius declared St. Valentine’s Day,  
  • Giving red roses became a popular custom in the late 17th century, 
  • In 2019, Americans purchased Valentine’s Day gifts worth over $20 billion, 
  • Valentine Day Cards exchanges of approximately a whopping $145 million get sold annually. 

If you prefer to celebrate your soulmate while indoors, there are plenty of fun date options to explore. Nothing stops you from going all out with the food, décor, and outfits, even if it’s from home. 

Below are some of the memorable ways you can celebrate Valentine’s Day at home: 

  1. Indoor Picnic 

As much as you’re planning an indoor event, some little details will go into making it a worthwhile picnic. If you don’t intend to leave any stone unturned, you can explore the option for banquet and event rental services. The event specialist can help with the décor, lighting, music, etc. 

  1. How about a Dinner Party? 

A Valentine’s Day party isn’t a party without good food. You can opt to create the best culinary experiences that will leave your significant other in awe; whether that’s by cooking the meal together, or by hiring a catering service for your valentine’s party, you can house the best food of the year.

Professionals in this industry will grace your event with unforgettable appetizers, desserts, meals, and drinks. 

  1. Relive Your First Date

Valentine’s Days present you with an opportunity to replicate your first date – but this time around, you can do it at home. If your first date was in a romantic restaurant, contact an event organizer to furnish you with a similar setting. Even as you do this, do not forget to remind your partner why you’ve loved them since that very first date. 

  1. Make Cards

To mark Valentine’s Day, you can get crafty and creative through card-making. If you opt to go this route, bring out the artist in you to create the most festive combinations, or anything else that promotes this aesthetic. You can write notes in them and give them to family members, friends, or neighbors. 

Ultimately, Valentine’s Day is like any other day, but it presents you with an opportunity to celebrate your love for each other. What better way to do it than creatively, with a bit of professional touch to make it extra special. It is such moments that will rekindle and celebrate the love that you have for each other.