How To Choose the Best Chairs for Your Restaurant

Choosing the decor for your restaurant is a key part of starting your business. Picking the right decor can be very fun, as it helps promote your ideal dining environment and shows off a bit of your personality. 

Obviously, a large part of the restaurant’s decor is the furniture. Restaurant furniture is sometimes overlooked, as owners are more concerned with the wall decor, menu, lighting, and other important details. However, furniture is important, as it affects the guests experience the most. Arguably the most important piece of restaurant furniture is the chair, as guests are sitting throughout the entirety of their visit. Buying chairs for restaurants can sometimes be tricky and overwhelming, but just like any big project, be sure to come up with an idea before shopping or making any purchases. 

To give you an idea of how to look for the perfect chairs for your restaurant be sure to keep these three main features in mind: 

  • how much space you have available in your restaurant
  • the comfort of the chair
  • your price range. 

Space and Floor Plan

Perhaps the most important element to consider when buying restaurant chairs is the space you have available. Before buying any pieces, you must measure your floor plan, as this will help guide you to choose the correct type and amount of seats you should purchase. 

Buying too many chairs will crowd your restaurant, but having too few will give the illusion that your restaurant isn’t busy. If you have a larger floor plan, buying bar stools and regular chairs is appropriate, as customers will have plenty of room to eat and move around, and it allows you to completely fill the floor. But, if you have limited space, installing booths, both straight and corner, is a better choice. This will allow as many customers as possible to be in your restaurant, while also being comfortable.   


Another factor to think about when buying chairs is comfort. While you want your chairs to be stylish, always make sure comfort comes before style, as your guests’ comfort and satisfaction are the top priority. You should also personally test your chairs, to ensure their comfort. If you think it’s a good and comfortable chair, chances are your guests will too. 


The final element that every business person keeps in mind when making purchases is the price. This can be tricky, as you don’t want to buy cheap, low-quality chairs, but on the other hand, it wouldn’t be a good idea to put all of your money towards expensive chairs. In this case, there needs to be a compromise, but be careful. 

Make sure you’re picking and choosing qualities with your guests in mind. The best-case scenario is that you find a high-quality chair for a low price. However, since that doesn’t happen often, be sure to write a list of qualities and materials you would like your chairs to have, as well as setting up a budget for yourself. 

Clearly having good quality, spacious and comfortable chairs for your restaurant are must-have items. This can make-or-break a diner’s experience, and for any owner, you want to ensure that they’re satisfied when they leave. Be sure to keep a strict budget, take the measurement of the floor plan, but most importantly, go with your gut and choose the chairs you think will work best.