Marketing Jobs for 2021

Every year, the top industry changes. Sometimes, it can seem as if it is impossible for you to keep up. Nevertheless, unless you try, you will get left behind. We’ve got your back. Below, we’ve put together a list of this year’s best opportunities. If you want to get started in the marketing industry, there has never been a better opportunity.

This Year’s Best Subspecialties in the Marketing Industry

Of course, marketing is a vast industry. Nearly every aspect of the economy relies on it in one way or another. Therefore, the number of subspecialties can be mind-boggling. Those listed below are among the most promising for the upcoming year. If you have been considering a career change, now may be the time.

Social Media Marketing Manager

How many hours a day do you spend on social media? For many people, it is excessive. However, there is a lot of opportunity in this segment of the industry. When you work, you’ll be responsible for reaching out to customers. Typically, you’ll handle posts on various platforms. Most of the time, they should attract the attention of your customers. By using analytics, you can monitor your progress. If you enjoy analytical thinking, you would be a perfect fit for this.

Digital Marketing Associate

Every website you visit has someone who designs their marketing content. Have you ever been to a site with exceptional marketing? If so, you most likely noticed. It’s hard not to pay attention when marketing is done well. Suppose you think you have what it takes. Then, you should find an opportunity to showcase your talents.

Search Engine Optimization Technician

How do most people find what they are looking for online? Typically, they use a search engine. In fact, search engines route the vast majority of all Internet traffic. Therefore, search-engine technicians work tirelessly to optimize their algorithms. Accordingly, companies employ teams to optimize their websites. That way, when people search, the company’s website appears among the top results.

Graphics Design and Marketing

On the Internet, everything you see was made by someone. Most of the time, they were paid to make it. We have a common misperception. When we go online, we assume everything was made by people who are passionate about what they are doing. However, usually, it is the handiwork of some employee. Are you good at creating visual imagery? This talent is in incredibly high demand. Thus, it has faster than average rates of salary growth. Ultimately, your starting salary will already be substantial. Once you have some time in the industry, it will be even greater.

Pay Per Click Advertising Specialist

Advertising fuels the Internet. Nearly all revenue comes from advertisers for most websites. Correspondingly, employees who specialize In PPC are highly valued. If you can design ads, you can get a job. It will help if they are effective ads. That way, you can show companies how valuable you will be as a team member. Once you begin working, track your progress. Then, demand better compensation as your performance increases.

Content Marketer

Written content is another effective medium for marketing. Suppose you have a product. However, few people are aware of its existence. If that is the case, you’ve got to spread the word. When you work as a content marketer, that would be your job. Companies will give you a product. Then, you need to go and tell people about it. However, it sounds much simpler than it is in practice. We recommend people who are creative try out this field. You’ll always be attempting something new. Content always needs an author. Maybe, that could be you.

Advertising Campaign Manager

Entire advertising campaigns are conducted online today. Because of that, someone needs to take charge. Do you have experience managing subordinates? In that case, you might be a perfect fit for an advertising campaign manager. Not only do you handle advertising, but you also delegate tasks. Most of the time, well-organized individuals perform the best. However, this is definitely not a hard rule. Ultimately, effectiveness seems to be determined by a variety of factors. The best way to find out is by trying for yourself.

Marketing Copywriter

All the text you ever read was written by someone. Nearly all of it was not written for recreational purposes. Therefore, someone was hired to do that job. Are you talented at writing technical descriptions? Then, in that case, you’ll fall in love with this industry. As long as you can type, you can work from anywhere in the world. Now, location is no longer a factor. By the way, that means you can move somewhere with a lower cost of living. Therefore, your salary will stretch even further.

Business-to-Business Marketing

Some businesses serve other enterprises primarily. This is called business-to-business. When you work as a business-to-business marketer, your job is to attract new clients. That way, you can expand the revenue of your company. Most of the time, you can expect to receive a commission. When you close a sale, you’ll get a portion of the overall revenue. Thus, the more effective you are at your job, the more compensation you will receive. Talk about a great incentive to try harder.

Business to Consumer Marketing

Business to consumer marketing is very similar to business-to-business. However, there is one key difference. Instead of working with business clients, you are working with consumers. Every day people will be your bread and butter. If you are great at communication, you’ll do well in this field. Most companies are always looking to expand their marketing team. The marketing team is responsible for bringing in new customers. Therefore, they have the largest impact on the company’s overall performance. It would make sense that marketers are so highly valued in the industry.

Next Steps

If you think a marketing job is for you, begin your job search by networking with friends and associates.  Marketing professionals are in high demand, so get the word out that you are looking.  The next thing you need to do is work on your CV.  If you are uncertain how to structure your CV, you can find excellent examples online, or use a commercially available  CV Template as a starting point.  If you are interested in working at a specific company, look at their job board online to see what is available.

Marketing is an exciting career, and once you have successfully worked in the business, remember to keep your CV current, as further opportunities will continually be available to you to help you move up the ladder.