Are Parents Prepared For A Full House Of Children? – COVID 19

Moms are very excited to see and spend time with their children again. Many schools have debated continuing online education for schools across America. Rachel Harow, a mom of four, is excited for her children to stay home with her. Many other parents are also excited that their young students will be staying at home. Although this pandemic has been difficult for many people, it has definitely given people opportunities to develop stronger relationships with one another. Mom has had a tough time juggling work with taking care of their children, but it has been a very personal experience for many. Most moms are now remote which is much better than having to hire a babysitter to maintain the children at home. However, those who work outside of the home have a very tough time managing childcare. Especially frontline workers. 

Many nurses have had a\difficult time managing their hours. With COVID-29 being a pressing issue, moms have to prioritize putting food on the table or keeping their children safe. This is a highly stressful time for mom and their families. Of course, the value of their child’s life comes above everything. Yet, how do people manage to be successful at work while taking care of kids at home? A full house of kids is always fun but can be very time-consuming. That is why social media is a great way to help avert any issues a family might be having. By giving children schedule and finding tops and tricks online, moms can be less stressed out. Even parents of other children are trying to maintain schedules in the household.

Many universities are having school until Thanksgiving. This will allow people to stay home after the holiday and refrain from being close together during high flu peaks. If people have the flu in addition to COVID-19, no one knows what will happen. That is why parents are so stressed out. If a child comes home from university and gets someone sick, it can be devastating for the family. That is why people have decided to stay home as a result of this outbreak. The parents are saving money in regards to tuition, and people are together again. 

Also, this way people and the government are protecting the youth of this country, Many families are ecstatic to spend time with their loved ones. Going away to college can be very scary for many people so it’s good that they can come back and share more memories as a family, like Rachel Harow.  When children and young adults of all ages come home, there is never a lack of stress. Yet, overall, this is a wonderful way to adapt as a family to the current circumstances of the world. Without the support of family members and friends, people wouldn’t survive this pandemic. Having a full house is definitely worth the possible aggravations that can pop up every once in a while. In all, it’s up to each district to decide what to do with children and their wellbeing. Hopefully, everyone makes the right decision.