5 Tips for Choosing the Right Living Room Furniture in Thailand

Choosing living room furniture in Thailand for your new or refurbished home can be both fun and stressful at the same time. Nailing down the look perfectly is important as our homes are the places we take refuge in and show off to the world. Get it wrong, and you will have a hot, and possibly costly, mess on your hands.

The good news is that there is no blueprint for the perfect furniture for your living room, a lot will depend on the style of your home, your budget, your personal taste, and your room dimensions and needs.

Beyond the design and layout of a living room, furniture plays a vital role because it is what you will use for storage, for sitting, for writing, for eating, for entertaining and so on. Miss the bulls mark and you will end up with an uncomfortable, unaccommodating and unwelcoming space.

No matter if you are a die-hard minimalist, laid-back bohemian, contemporary fiend or mid-century enthusiast, we can help you turn your living room dreams into reality. In general, there are five key areas you need to consider from the very beginning when going about your living room design, let’s take a look at each one in detail:


Before choosing furniture for your living room makeover, first ask yourself how you want the space to feel: comfy, relaxed, energising, sombre, exuberant, etc? Every one of those feelings have corresponding shapes, textures and colours. Now, set about selecting furniture pieces that build the feeling you are after. For example, if you want your living room to feel cosy, opt for soft fabrics, warm colours and gentle lighting.


One of the first things you should do is work out the colour scheme for your room. This is important because the set of colours used can bring a lot to a space, in terms of accenting existing furniture pieces and setting the theme (mood). For example, warm colours like orange, red and yellow feel cosy, while cool colours like blue, purple and green feel calm. For something more daring, try mixing neutrals – white, beige, brown – with pops of bright colour. 


There are myriad directions you can take when choosing living room furniture in Thailand. A word to the wise: more is less. Invest your money in one or two statement pieces and assemble the remainder of your collection from cheaper items (i.e., IKEA), vintage finds and up-cycled items. For example, do not underestimate the power of a great sofa; it holds significant visual weight and will get used the most.


Similarly, do not worry about everything being perfect or too matchy-matchy; focus on finding pieces that draw the eye and you would be proud to have in your home. For example, an Olsen sideboard, Curule chair, Eames ottoman or Arco lamp. Build your room around these classic pieces. From there, fill out your room with furniture and accessories that match the focal piece’s colours and mood. 


Sideboards are not just pretty decoration — they elegantly and cleverly tuck away clutter that you do not want visitors to see. What’s more, the top of a sideboard is a great place to display travel souvenirs, favourite knick-knacks, family photos, beloved books, eye-catching antiques, vases of fresh flowers and so on. Go one step further and use aesthetically pleasing organisers to keep your room tidy: magazine racks, baskets, coffee tables with drawers and hollow ottomans.