Instagram Marketing – The Basics

For a lot of people and businesses, social media has become a huge influence when it comes to the world of marketing. Social media is popular with pretty much everyone. For example, Facebook alone has billions of users, millions of which access it, every, single, day. There’s such a massive user base that it’s virtually impossible not to find someone that you want to cater towards. These social media platforms also have a lot of flexibility when it comes to business or personal marketing. For example, Facebook and Instagram have “Insight.” This allows you to see the trends your followers set. For example, the locations of where most of them are from, age ranges, male or female follower percentages, and what times they access instagram the most. says that you should use an Instagram bot or automation tool to help you with your marketing efforts.  

This is an amazing tool for anyone looking to market on social media, since it makes catering towards your audience much, much easier. You can post at the times your followers are on, and make more relevant ads or posts to cater towards your audience. Here are a few different ways of marketing on Instagram or other social media platforms, and how businesses like linkinbio help advertisers tremendously. 

URL’s or Links

Linking in “bio’s” or on your page is an amazing way to get people to go to a website. If you have an account with a lot of followers, a lot of people are going to go to your profile. One of the first things they’ll see is your bio, which, if you have a link there, will lead many of those individuals to follow it. Instagram has a major downfall when it comes to linking though. They only allow one link per person. This is a bit hit in the stomach for people looking to advertise multiple businesses, people, or sites, since it makes you choose, and takes away from your ability to market multiple products or services at a time. Some people get around this just by changing the link every day or week, but it can be cumbersome. Sites like and companies like biopage have made it quick and easy to be able to have multiple links in your bio, and it’s definitely worth a shot if that’s what you’re looking for. 


Advertising through stories and posting is probably the most popular way of marketing on social media. There are companies similar to linkinbio that would be more than willing to make and post ads and other pictures or blurbs for you, but they work a little differently, and it’s something you can do yourself if you aren’t too busy. This gets really touchy, since what you post dictates your follower count, and your follower client base. If all you do is post ads, not only are you going to lose a lot of followers, those that do follow you are most likely not going to be worth keeping around. Make sure all of your posts are genuine, and keep advertising to a minimum, on advertisement posts, make it more relatable, and something that people want to see, even if it’s an ad. Guides like this one are great to read if you want to purchase followers.