Target Your Desired Customers by Using Local SEO

Target Your Most Important Customers by Using Local SEO

Just because you’ve switched to an online business model, doesn’t mean you’re now competing with all the companies in the world that offer the same products and services as your brand. You should still be using a local SEO company to target the specific customer base in your region, and your biggest competitor is still your closest competitor in the region. 

People are creatures of comfort and habit. Your company should cater to those traits by offering localised products and services that feature local knowledge and familiarity. Potential customers in your region don’t really want to buy the products and services your company is offering from an overseas company. It goes against common sense. 

But shifting your focus too far away from your local region, and trying to compete with overseas companies that aren’t competing for your customer base, is counterproductive and a waste of money. 

Set Up Your Website Correctly

A local SEO company knows the local market and the local competition. They can point you towards two options in how to approach setting up your website – Language Targeting and Country Targeting. 

Language targeting won’t do you much good if you speak a widely-spoken language around the world like English or Mandarin Chinese. You’ll probably get more enquiries from foreign countries than you can possibly handle. 

But country targeting, or geo-targeting, can provide you with a steady, and manageable, stream of local enquiries that can add significantly to your brand’s bottom line.   

Effectively Tackling the Competition

A local SEO company can provide keywords in your local dialect that makes use of slang words for your products and services that are only used in your region of the world. By employing these types of targeted services, your brand can outperform your local competitors in the Google rankings by organic keyword searches alone. 

Getting ahead of the local competition should be the goal for your brand, not being on top of the rankings worldwide. It’s more important to keep your focus on the competitors next door than on competitor’s half-way around the world.

An experienced local SEO agency will be well aware of what’s needed for your brand to perform well against your competitors. They can perform analyses on the competitors to find out exactly how well they’re performing in the local market and offer recommendations on how to outperform them.  

Awareness of Your Brand’s Abilities and Limitations

Although it may seem like a big deal to be at the top of the Google rankings in your industry, you need to be aware of your brand’s abilities and limitations to decide whether this is important to your brand’s success or not. 

Very often, trying to do more than your company is capable of is a recipe for disaster. Pay attention to your local SEO agency in this regard. They have the objectivity and perspective of experience in the local market to guide your company in their SEO needs.