Phone Charging Stations in Hospitals

If you are at a hospital waiting to hear about a loved one’s status, having your phone die could be devastating. At this time, it’s essential to stay in touch with relatives and loved ones to keep them updated on new developments and to provide moral support. That’s why a phone charging station is a feature no hospital should be without. 

Read on to find out more about why all hospitals should have a phone charging station on their premises.

Increases Patient Satisfaction: Spending time in a hospital can be a stressful experience and anything that goes wrong can easily lead to a bad review of the facility. If someone is waiting to hear the status of their loved one’s health and their phone dies, it can be extremely upsetting. The convenience a phone charging station offers can make all the difference when it comes to the establishment’s medical reputation. 

Makes a Great Advertising Opportunity: Phone charging stations are easily customizable making them a great surface for displaying advertising. You can use them to advertise the products and treatments your hospital offers, or you can have a variety of businesses rent the space to get the word out about their services. This is an ideal way for hospitals to generate extra income. 

Provides Education: You can also use phone charging stations to educate patients on the various treatments you offer. This cuts down on the need for printed materials which can be costly and increase the use of natural resources. 

Improves Safety: A phone charging station will provide a safe location for people to charge their phones. It will cut down on the likelihood of them using an off-limits outlet or USB which can result in a dangerous situation. It will also minimize the chances of wires getting into walkways where they could cause hazards. 

Cuts Down on Staff Resources: If your facility does not have a phone charging station, it’s likely that people in the waiting room will constantly be asking your receptionists and other members of your staff to plug their phones into outlets in the cubicles. This is a waste of your staff’s resources and it cuts down on their productivity. With a phone charging station, people will be able to take care of their phones charging needs so your staff can focus on what’s truly important; helping their patients.

Eliminates Competition for Outlets: Keeping a cellphone charged is a priority for everyone in a hospital waiting room. It is for this reason that outlets are a precious commodity that not everyone will have access to. With a phone charging station, everyone will be able to charge their phones eliminating the competition for outlets and keeping more people happy. 

Phone charging stations are a convenient feature that boosts satisfaction while working as an efficient advertising and educational tool. They can be especially effective in hospitals where it is so important to stay connected. Facilities that have charging stations on hand are sure to improve the atmosphere in their waiting rooms and all over the premises.