Mint Mobile reviews: Frequently Asked Questions

One mintmobile you can find a “Support” tab at the bottom of the home page listing a “FAQ” tab for frequently asked questions. If you’re curious about Mint Mobile, start here then head to their website. 

  • What exactly is Mint Mobile?
    • Mint Mobile is a prepaid wireless service with one of the lowest rates among all cell phone service providers. They allow you to buy the plans in bulk (3, 6, and 12 months at a time) in order to save more. The more you buy at one time, the more you save in the long run. 
    • You can also choose how much data you want on your plan each month, whether it be 3GB, 8GB, or 12GB. 
  • What does prepaid wireless mean?
    • Prepaid wireless means that you pay for the phone service before you use it. So, if you were to buy 6 months of service, you would pay for all 6 months at once, then use the service for 6 months with no additional payments. 
  • Where are your stores located?
    • There are no stores, meaning that Mint Mobile is entirely online. This means they can save you money because they don’t have to pay rent, upkeep, real estate costs, and more. 
  • What if Mint Mobile doesn’t work for me?
  • You can try the $5 mint mobile starter kit for 7 days to see if it works. Otherwise, you have 7 days of coverage before you have to return for a full refund. If you don’t like the coverage in the first 7 days then return it for full money back. 
  • Do you have coverage in my area? 
    • The website offers a great coverage map to determine if they cover your area. You can use your zip code (or multiple zip codes) to determine the coverage at your house, work, parents, friends, and more. 
  • What if I run out of data?
    • Chances are you are using a lot less data than you think you are. You can check the network usage in the settings on your phone to determine how much data you use each month. Average that up and see which plan would be best for you. 
  • I still owe money on the phone I have now. Can I still come to Mint Mobile?
    • You can, however, you would need to either buy a new phone or pay off the one that you have now. You can call your current service provider or access your online account to see how much left you owe. As soon as you get it paid, head over to start your service. 
  • Great. I’ve got it all. How do I sign up?
    • You can buy your starter kit including directions and two SIM cards to get going with your service. Either keep your phone or buy another. Either keep your old number or get a new one. At Mint Mobile they just want to give you the best service, on your time.