How To Turn Your AppleTV Into A Marketing Tool

People grew increasingly comfortable with technology permeating every aspect of their lives, it seems as though everywhere you look electronic messages have taken over. Nowadays for every single decision being made – from launching a new career to picking a sandwich shop, there is an online search for opinions, reviews, and advice. A good way to distract consumers from their phones and get your message across is to catch them on-the-go and digital signage can do just that. Digital signage is a tool every industry found immensely useful, it is the best way to connect, inform, gather and analyze data, direct and engage the audience. There is no doubt whatsoever that digital signage is crucial for future communication. Scroll down to find advice on how to gain an insanely powerful marketing tool with just an Apple TV and good DS software. Let’s see how you can amplify your ability to get the word out.

Use it for data gathering and analysis

Digital signs are the new data capture solutions. The greater part of the benefits of digital signage can be further optimized because of the host of analytics DS systems are able to support. The main goal is to ultimately bring personalized experience through effective gathering and in-depth data analysis. Interactive digital signage is specifically designed to help collect data across a multitude of data collection points. Understanding the number of customers, their satisfaction factor with any given product or service, product placement and more are all easily achieved with the right software. Data gathering and further detailed examination is often the difference between success and failure.

Use it to for advertising, promotion and boosting brand awareness

Over time people grew weary of advertising; consumers increasingly distrust brands and advertising, but not at all showing the same type of response to digital signage. Recent studies show that digital signage is way more effective in promoting products and services. Digital signage draws in 72% more attention than an online ad and shows a recall rate of 83%. Use of UGC, personalized trustworthy approach to every customer, providing shoppers with the knowledge they need to feel comfortable making a purchase, on-point targeted messaging with hassle-free quick update of information, lower perceived waiting time, beautiful eye-catching designs, engaging video brand-related entertainment and use of cutting-edge technology will all become an integral part of the effective marketing campaign for the for tech-savvy customers and boost brand recognition.

Use it to attract new customers

Use of DS is an effective way of attracting and retaining customers. It all starts with foot traffic: 8 out of 10 customers enter the store due to a dynamic digital sign. The benefits of digital signage aren’t limited to the in-store experience, either. Displays can also be used to attract those just passing by who may otherwise have never set foot in a brick-and-mortar business. Digital signage has a very powerful advantage: it can leverage motion. It is one of the most important advantages of digital signs over static ones – they are dynamic, thus eye-catching. DS can show the results of more than 400% more views over a static sign.

Use it to boost sales

70% of buying decisions are all made at the points of sales and 68% of consumers say that DS ads would influence their decision to purchase product or service. Plus, average shoppers habits have drastically alternated as consumers became more technology-aware and intelligent than ever. By using digital signage you are directly communicating with your customers. DS lets you be in full control of your marketing messages: digital signage is easy to control and can be modified on the spot. As mentioned above, DS displays will attract and retain customers, influence people’s decisions at the POP, help you to beautifully showcase your products or services ultimately driving sales and boosting profit margins.

In conclusion: Apple TV + DS is one of the most effective marketing tools out there today. Find a great DS software provider and you are good to go! We recommend searching for a company that is able to make the technology simple to use. If you are an Apple TV user – look into Kit Cast, it is one of the few on the market offering amassing software for Apple TV, it’s intuitively easy to use software with sleek beautiful designs.