5 Great Gifts for the Exhausted Entrepreneur

From the quick-paced lifestyle, to the demanding hours, to searching the latest innovations, from crunching data to organizing budgets: As every entrepreneur knows, the arduous task of running a startup can be incredibly exhausting.

And yet, undeniably worth it.

They’re getting a product out into the world, building something from almost nothing, creating and manufacturing something for the world to use. Yes, it certainly isn’t easy work, but it’s work that they’re ready to do, because the perks and benefits are incredible.  It’s what puts one’s foot in the door, opens their world to new opportunities, gets their name out into the industry, and when done right, brings those benefits back into their wallet.

You know the type of entrepreneur I’m talking about.  Whether it’s your partner, your best friend, your daughter, your son, your brother, you’re seeing the work and dedication it requires and are probably asking, “But how can I support them more?”

We’ve aligned 5 gifts that are perfect for the weary, worn out, dedicated and driven entrepreneur, and all conveniently under $30.

  1.     Kool8

Hydration is key: it keeps us moving, it keeps us awake, it keeps us healthy and all our organs running efficiently.  The Kool8 water bottle is sleek and modern and comes in different colors to match your entrepreneur’s aesthetic.  It’s 18-ounce bottle is easily gripped, so they can keep It deskside and conveniently stay hydrated even during all those hours they spend planning, calculating, and communicating in front of the laptop.  With temperature control that keeps liquids warm for 12 hours or cool for 24, and a built-in tea infuser, so whenever they need a refreshing sip, they’ll certainly be grateful for your gift! Kool8, $24.95

  1.     Cyxus Blue Light Filtering Lenses

Trendy, black, wide-rimmed frames, stylish, but functional, these are glasses to protect eyes from computer screens after hours of scrolling, clicking, viewing, and Skyping on a computer all day. The Cyxus glasses filter out the blue light from a computer screen, which has been known to ease the tension headaches and support better sleep by blocking blue light and UV rays after spending hours on the computer trying to get the information out. $19.90

  1.     Hopped Up Coffee

They probably would love a craft beer, but also mostly need a strong cup of coffee to power through the long hours.  Available on Etsy and sold by the Old Town Spice Shop, Hopped Up Coffee is a strong, black brew that is blended with varieties of roasted barley in order to mimic some of those naturally flavorful notes of an IPA.  With it’s blend of coffee, hops, and barley, they’ll be able to brew up a cup that gives them a boost but reminds them of the rewards of finishing.  $12.00

  1.     The Upstarts, By Brad Stone

Published in January of 2017, this book describes itself as explaining “How Uber, Airbnb, and The Killer Companies of the New Silicon Valley Are Changing the World,” and isn’t that what most entrepreneurs are seeking to do?  Not to mention, reading is one of the habits of highly successful individuals, so not only are you buying them a great, relevant read, but you’re also encouraging them to engage in the habits that will lead them to excellence. It’s even available as an audiobook, if you already know they’ll struggle to find the time to sit down and read.  $27.00

  1.     Rocketbook Wave Smart Notebook

While we love the ease and comfort that comes with technology, a lot of the time, many of us still wish for that nostalgia and traditional feel of pen to paper. The Rocketbook Wave Smart Notebook brings the best of both worlds.  When they’re running in and out of meetings all day, brainstorming with colleagues, scheduling appointments, jotting down notes and ideas, there is certainly a lot to keep track of. The convenience of the Rocketbook means they’ll easily be able to transfer any notes from their notebook into their device with a quick, simple scan.  With 80 pages of dot grids (reusable five times), your budding entrepreneur can easily upload their notes from the day onto one of a variety of platforms: iCloud, Dropbox, Google Doc, or email. With it’s sleek and modern look, it’s an excellent blend of traditional and techy. $23.26

It’s a demanding job, and it can take an insane amount of work, but the benefits can be huge.  Don’t just get them a gift to get them a gift, whatever their relationship or connection to you, find them something that helps them, supports them, and makes their busy, chaotic life just a touch easier!

This article comes from ComboApp, a mobile app marketing agency