How Important is Digital Transformation in Marketing?

Very important, it turns out.

Technology that is adopted and then adapted to reach specific marketing goals is pretty much what digital transformation means, and what it is meant to do. It’s not an obscure or secretive strategy that only a genius or lunatic can come to understand. The basics to it are simple, as follows:

Information sharing is crucial to digital transformation. When the marketing department finalizes a marketing campaign plan which passes muster with upper management, then that plan needs to be broken down into small bite-size pieces that can be easily digested by every single employee in the company. Because once everyone knows about it, everyone can commit to it and work to enhance it. You can’t improve on something if you don’t know about it or have to guess what it is for.

Don’t make digital transformation about the technology; make it about the company. About the marketing program that is up and running. The technology is merely a launch platform. Once everyone in the company is familiar with the technology being used, then the digital transformation is a reality that works almost automatically.

Sharing the technology and marketing strategy behind it will inevitably lead to role transformations inside the company, as well it should. A rigid hierarchy is nonproductive, when it comes to digital transformation. Only fluidity in employee roles can make digital transformation work as it should and help companies turn marketing into money.