How To Find The Best Employees For Your Marketing Team

Finding the best employees to market for a company can be difficult as many people taut themselves as experts in marketing when they truly are amateurs. A good hiring process does not always weed out those that interview well but have very little applicable job knowledge. The right marketing team can make it much easier on those doing sales, helping with branding, and turning a company into a thought leader in a specific industry. The following are tips that can be a huge help when trying to staff your marketing department.

Former College Athletes

Former college athletes are valued as employees as they can work in a team environment, can be coached, and have a competitive background which is valuable in marketing. If an applicant thrived in school while in a demanding sport they should have no issues thriving in their job role at your company. Take the time to interview these people even if they have less experience than other. They might have no had the opportunity to get high end internships due to their obligations to their sports team.

Success With Various NIches

Marketing differs immensely depending on the industry so finding someone that has worked in multiple industries is important. Those that have worked at marketing agencies should be at the top of the hiring list. These people tend to work in a variety of niches as most marketing agencies are not too picky with clients as long as they are paying well enough.

Ability To Write Engaging Copy

A marketer that has great writing skills can be utilized in a large number of areas on the marketing department. This person could generate content for the blog, product descriptions, or even handle social media copy. Take the time to ask the person to write something at the interview as this can be quite illuminating. Those that can churn out quality content in a reasonable time need to be valued as it can be immensely helpful to the department as a whole.