Tactics for a Successful Business: Corporate Gifting and Brand Archetypes

There are many elements to a loyal customer base.  Corporate gifting and brand archetypes are some of these elements and can make a huge difference in improving a business.

Corporate gifting has several benefits.  It builds relationships, fosters growth, and creates opportunities for the company.  For example, 66% of people remember a company’s name one year after receiving a gift.  Corporate gifts create a sense of personalization and help customers appreciate a company’s authenticity and generosity. 

Brand archetypes go hand-in-hand with corporate gifting and help corporations create a powerful impression.  Put simply, a brand archetype is a company’s personality and voice.  There are several major kinds of personalities from which a corporation could draw.  Some of these include the outlaw, the hero, and the explorer. 

Aligning a company with an archetype gives the company a relatable personality.  This is a big deal; 90% of customers find personalization more appealing than generic messaging and brands.  Customers value authenticity and are more likely to support a company that embodies this idea.

Corporate gifts and brand archetypes pair well together.  For example, if a corporation is using the outlaw archetype, it could give customers a whisky gift set.  This symbolizes the values of liberation and rebellion, therefore creating a cohesive personality for the company. 

Corporate gifting and brand archetypes are important when it comes to elevating a company.  Both tactics can leave a lasting impression on customers and generate success.

Choosing the right gifts for your brand archetype